South East Asia :: March - June 1995

Subject: RE: 95 03 18 Cat City . . . and beyond.
Date: April 1, 1995 08:52

8:41 Holidays Hotel; Kota Kinabalu, Sabah-Malaysia :: 1 APR 95

Here's a response from Dotty Pon . . .

< >Fruit hawkers sell slices of fresh
< >fruit of any variety (except durian
< >-the so-called 'king of fruits' that
< >apparently tastes great but
< >smells like rotting road-kill when
< >the skin is broken).  Or you can buy
< >a couple of Chinese dumplings from
< >another hawker.

< it smells worse!!!  My parents think
< of it as a "delicacy" so they
< only buy it once or twice a year (thank
<  God).  I'd rather have
< an exploding skunk in the kitchen than
< an open durian (the Chinese name
< for this fruit is quite funny, it
< doesn't translate well into English
< but it roughly means "stinky thing").
< The smell also sticks to your skin
< (very much like pineapple) and it's
< eaten in a mango-style fashion so you
< have to use your hands.  That
< means that you walk around for days
< smelling gross.
< Blech :P
< Dots
< PS.  I don't think durian tastes
< very good...

Oooohh, that smell! Cancha smell that smell?

Patrick. -- Responses Sought --

A scholar named Wang
Laughed at my poems.
The accents are wrong,
He said,
Too many beats;
The meter is poor,
The wording impulsive.

I laugh at his poems,
As he laughs at mine.
They read like
The words of a blind man
Describing the sun.
  graphical element Han-shan
mystical poet.

. . .there is more to Knowing than just being correct.
  graphical element Benjamin Hoff
The Tao of Pooh


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