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The Bagdad Cafe<br>Newberry Springs, California: The Mojave Desert, California, United States of America
: Eat-Drink; Landmarks.
You may recall the film Bagdad Cafe...something of an arthouse hit. Well, this is the Bagdad Cafe, until recently always known in the real world as The Sidewinder Cafe. The newest proprietress, seen standing outside her venue, changed the name back to the Hollywood interpretation. Seems appropriate, given the proprietress was once part of the film industry.

Good eats, pleasant atmosphere, nice folks.

The Bagdad Cafe
Newberry Springs, California

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USA · California · Mojave · Route 66
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Hendricus Van Beek
25 May 2009, 01:41
I just want to know if the cafe is still open. I plan to visit again this November
Patrick Jennings
25 May 2009, 02:28
Hmmmm...that's an excellent question, to which I have no answer.

If you do find out, I'd be delighted if you'd post it here.


Nick T
30 Jun 2009, 05:01
I went there last week, with my two brothers on a trip from LA to Vegas, good shakes and really friendly service, I think I recall them serving buffalo burgers too
Peter Males
03 Feb 2011, 18:27
I visited it in May 2008 with my wife and friends while driving the full length of route 66 on as much of the original road as possable from Chicago.We stayed in ludlow o\nite as we had driven about 10 hrs stopping on the way.The ludlow diner wasn,t to nice to eat again.We took off and i saw the bagdad cafe i had heard about it so we stopped for breakfast,what a great meal with plenty of nostalga,they were greatthe young girl took pics of us behind the counter.What an experiance driving 66 it was one of my lifes ambitions i would love to do it again we took 4 weeks with a couple of side trips but always came back onto 66 were we come off at We saw so much i we took about 1900 pics between us
Ps we drove it in a cadillac
Peter From Australia
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