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Yonghe Gong<br>The Lama Temple  :: Beijing, China: The Lama Temple, Beijing, People's Republic of China
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The Lonely Planet refers to this as the "most renowned Tibetan Buddhist temple within China, outside Tibet itself." Hmmm. What about Xiahe, in Gansu? Or Ta Er, in Qinghai?

Although the monks study Yellow Hat sect teachings, as you'll see in this series of images, the buildings are not Tibetan in form, the monks do not wear the traditional robes found in other Tibetan temples. In fact, there appears to be little to distinguish the robes from one of the variety of Mahayana orders favoured by the Han Chinese majority. And the Planet notes that, at least originally, the monastery was stocked with Yellow Hat monks from Inner Mongolia, rather than Tibet. Indeed, even the form of prayer depicted in this photograph is more typical of Mahayana/Zen, and there are no prayer wheels to be found in this temple.

Yonghe Gong
The Lama Temple :: Beijing, China
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China · Beijing · Lama Temple
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Mabopiteye Samithe Thero
29 Jun 2009, 03:01
can i help me came to the lama temple.
D'Arcy Lintott
08 Sep 2009, 02:04
My friend and I will be traveling to Beijing this September (25 or later). Is it possible to stay (sleep) in this temple for one or two nights?
08 Sep 2009, 02:30
Hmmm. . .I didn't stay at this one, but another north of the city for a long weekend (Bailin Shansi). It was a marvelous experience.

I was able to stay because I knew people affiliated with the temple, and they invited me and a couple other foreigner friends to come.

It may be as simple as asking at the temple, but it is China, and even a decade later, I can't imagine it's that simple.

Try asking this question on the Oriental List ( a free travel newsletter for China moderated by travel guide author, Peter Neville-Hadley.

Good luck!
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