David Suzuki Foundation

Among Canada's international dissident assets, David Suzuki is a geneticist with some political savvy, a nationally televised science program (The Nature of Things) and a penchant for stirring up debate on a variety of environmental and scientific issues before they become popular.

Guardian Unlimited

The online presence for the British progressive daily newspaper, The Guardian. Features columns by Naomi Klein, George Monbiot and others.

George Monbiot

George Monbiot, the award-winning, acclaimed British journalist, writes a monthly column for The Guardian ranging across a wide variety of topics including politics, economics, environment, corporatism, globalisation, science, race, culture, religion, justice and more.

Notes on Wallace Shawn's The Fever

The Fever was performed in November of 1998 by Kairos Theatre Company at Washington Square United Methodist Church, directed by Lori Baur. Eli Bishop was assistant director. These are Eli Bishop's comments on the play, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Lori Baur or Wallace Shawn.