Critical Acclaim
A topsites list featuring popular politically progressive pages and sites in categories such as blogs, resources, thinkers, texts & media, history and much more.

An Appeal to the Young
Peter Kropotkin, famed and admired intellectual and anarchist, addresses young men and women about to enter the professions. "Ay, all of us together, we who suffer and are insulted daily, we are a multitude whom no man can number, we are the ocean that can embrace and swallow up all else." ~ Kropotkin

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches
An un-embedded American journalist reports on Iraq from Iraq.

John Pilger
An astounding resume highlights this British journalist's astonishing career in print and film.

Critical Thinkers :: Howard Zinn
My own Howard Zinn resource page, with annotated links and selected bibliography.

Turning the Tide :: Chomsky Blog
Thanks to ZNet, Noam Chomsky is now blogging. Become a ZNet Sustainer and you can respond/query/applaud/critique the posts.

Critical Thinkers :: Noam Chomsky
My own Noam Chomsky reference pages featuring annotated web links and a bibliography.
The quintessential muckraker, Seymour M. Hersh uncovered My Lai, and the Watergate coverup, detailed the extent of Gulf War Syndrome, and continues to keep a critical eye on power and the people who corrupt it.
George Monbiot, the award-winning, acclaimed British journalist, writes a monthly column for The Guardian ranging across a wide variety of topics including politics, economics, environment, corporatism, globalisation, science, race, culture, religion, justice and more.
Eric Margolis writes a political column for the Toronto Sun. His pieces fall definitively outside the mainstream.
Jim Hightower is the Robin Hood of American radio. From his site: "Hightower believes the true political spectrum is not right to left but top to bottom." Listen to his wonderful two-minute daily commentary on issues that, for some reason, aren't getting the media attention they deserve.
Speaking of Noam Chomsky, he and his agent have finally decided on an official site, selected from the best already on the web. No, it's not mine.
Noam Chomsky called him "the best candidate now running" for president -- and you probably have never heard of him.
A message forum thread concerning Katharine Gun, the British whistle-blower currently going to trial, basically for treason.