One Humbled American
A view through an Islamist's lens:
I’d like to thank him for showing me that more than anything else I know, after all my efforts to be “educated,” I really know nothing.

Vancouver Participatory Economics Collective
What is Parecon? Unlike other economic systems, parecon is designed to promote self-management, solidarity, diversity, and equity. This is done through true democracy in the workplace and a unique democratic participatory allocation system.

"What alternative form of social organization can be imagined that might overcome the grave flaws -- often real crimes -- of contemporary society in more far-reaching ways than short-term reform. Parecon is the most serious effort I know to provide a very detailed possible answer to some of these questions, crucial ones, based on serious thought and careful analysis." ~Noam Chomsky

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS)
Founded in 2001, ACS is comprised of law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, policymakers, activists and other concerned individuals who are working to ensure that the fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice are in their rightful, central place in American law.

Critiques Of Libertarianism
The only American political trend scarier than neoconservatism is right libertarianism.

An Appeal to the Young
Peter Kropotkin, famed and admired intellectual and anarchist, addresses young men and women about to enter the professions. "Ay, all of us together, we who suffer and are insulted daily, we are a multitude whom no man can number, we are the ocean that can embrace and swallow up all else." ~ Kropotkin

Political Affairs
A monthly magazine of ideology, politics, and culture. PA's mission is to go beyond simply giving an account of events to providing analysis and investigating what is new and changing in our world -- from a working-class point of view.

Brilliantly turns mass culture apparatus, particularly media and advertisting, into tools for dissent, while reflexively commenting on their subversive nature.
Another alternative to Capitalism, Anarcho Syndicalism represents the anarchist wing of the socialist movement. Noam Chomsky is a contemporary proponent of the system.
People assume that with the end of the Cold War there is no economic option to Capitalism. There are plenty. Participatory Economics is just one.
"Debunking--revealing what someone doesn't want revealed--is a key ingredient in critical thinking. It is essential to the first step of rational thinking: clearly defining the problem. is important both to attain the truth AND to take into account the fact that the truth was concealed." University philosophy assignment; excellent resource.
I am loathe to mention her name or her philosophy, objectivism, a secular blunt end of conservatism. However, seeing bookseller's shelves stacked with recent reprints of her texts gives me the shivers. And so, some critiques of Rand's work.