February 27, 2004

The Company,
Robert Altman

Posted at 10:59 PM

The latest from Robert Altman, of whom I am a reserved fan. Altman, when he's on, hits them out of the park, as he did with The Player but when he's off, as he was with Pret a Porter, he's...

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February 23, 2004

The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram,
Thomas Blass

As of this writing, this book is not yet on the shelves....

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Obedience to Authority: Current Perspectives on the Milgram Paradigm,
Thomas Blass

I've just put this on my reading list. Here's an excerpt from a review on Amazon.com The essays and studies making this book treasurable (beyond their research value) can get one very emotional at times, especially when reading about some...

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February 14, 2004

Anima Mundi,
Ingrid Karklins

Posted at 04:48 PM

This is sweet, sweet music, driven by superb musicianship. Karklins is one of those composers who defies categorisation, even in this age of hyper-synthesis. The central element in much of her music is Karklins' Latvian heritage and her deft hand...

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The Corporation,
Mark Achbar

Posted at 03:26 PM

This is a film co-directed by Mark Achbar, who also co-directed Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. Manufacturing Consent is arguably the most important documentary ever made about the Media. The Corporation may be the most important film made...

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February 04, 2004

The Fever,
Wallace Shawn

Posted at 06:04 AM

This play can be devestating to a complacent psyche. Delivered as a monologue, the un-named, un-gendered protagonist, wealthy and well-placed, describes the events and conditions leading to an emotional breakdown in "some third-world country where my language isn't spoken." The...

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