The Ultimate O'Jays,
The O'Jays

Posted at 10:27 PM

This is an album chock full of gems such as Backstabbers and Love Train, but what's got me posting it here is the use of For the Love of Money as theme for Donald Trump's television show, The Apprentice. America...

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Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch,
Peter Gabriel

Posted at 03:48 PM

Peter Gabriel has always been among my favourite song-writers and performers. There may be no one in the music industry who has been as consistently progressive, subversive and creative in his politics, art and delivery. This album, his second solo...

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The Greatest Natives from the North,
War Party

Posted at 12:58 PM

I haven't cared much for rap, however, the strongest political statements in music today seem to be coming from this genre. This disc originated in the Great White North, ironically enough, and represents an Aboriginal point of view....

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Crafty Hands,
Happy the Man

Posted at 12:17 AM

Perhaps my favourite album, particularly when the intention is to listen, and to get emotional in the process. Exquisite musicianship all around in a band consisting of guitar, bass, standard drum kit and a pair of keyboardists. Among these principle...

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Roots in the Sky,

Posted at 07:52 PM

Perhaps my favourite jazz LP (Yes, my tape is recorded from the original vinyl!) See the entry New Chautauqua for a story about the longevity of this tape in my library. Oregon is an ensemble of crack acoustic instrumentalists featuring...

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New Chautauqua,
Pat Metheny

Posted at 07:41 PM

The most melodious and mellifluous of Metheny's work, all guitar. A jazz riff on folkish themes. The cover image is appropriate; I have a tape featuring this album on side A and Oregon's Roots in the Sky on B and...

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Songs of the Free,
Gang of Four

Posted at 07:35 PM

This is raucous good stuff, with smashing beats and unruly guitars to match the smashingly unruly politics of a band out to challenge the status quo on all fronts....

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Anima Mundi,
Ingrid Karklins

Posted at 04:48 PM

This is sweet, sweet music, driven by superb musicianship. Karklins is one of those composers who defies categorisation, even in this age of hyper-synthesis. The central element in much of her music is Karklins' Latvian heritage and her deft hand...

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Dark Side of the Moon,
Pink Floyd

Posted at 12:07 PM

How long was the album Dark Side of the Moon on the charts? As of December 1, 2001, issue of Billboard, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon has been on the charts for an astounding 1,285 weeks This is...

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