Rand McNally travel store no longer sells Eagle Creek

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Have to update the affiliate links on multimedia guerilla 'cause the merchant's no longer selling travel supplies (wish they'd tell us they're doing that!)

While I'm in there, might as well get around to updating the whole page with embedded links to REI and popups.


Done with the Rand McNally stuff. and made some headway with the general page update. Now just need to complete that.

[EDIT Jan 19, 04]

Done for now with link updates. Won't bother with popups for the timebeing.

Mail this entry cgi plugin...

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forum topic. for plugin to mail the full html and/or text of a blog entry.

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Next N :: Previous N entries for archived Recent Entries display

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Next N :: Previous N from girliematters.com

Once I get formatting for individual archives, I can add this.


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Map Locations!

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Hey, this map locations stuff looks useful for the next trip, or even for now...