Amazon Products Feed: Display the Most Popular Items

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About apf_pop.cgi

MrRat's amazon_product_feeds.cgi script (APF) is a marvellously useful script. It's robust and nimble interface provides rich opportunities for exploitation. Here's a script most webmasters of APF sites will find useful. The apf_pop.cgi script searches your website's access log for specific kinds of APF calls that indicate a user clilcking on an item and grabs the Amazon ASIN's from them. The ASINs are counted and sorted, then one or more documents are constructed to display them. In addition to the data formatting templates available through APF, apf_pop adds an additional templating layer with its own variables. The type of document apf_pop can generate is virtually unlimited: HTML, SHTML, PHP, CGI, even output an APF template, if you like. As this implies, through apf_pop you can display data generated by APF in either dynamic or static documents. Continue reading "Amazon Products Feed: Display the Most Popular Items"

IFRAME and Amazon Product Feed:

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How to display inline searches in your templates and pages

A Newbie Tutorial

On my HTML pages I figured out how to use SSI to display the results of amazon_product_feed searches on my web pages. However, Neither the SSI or PHP methods described in the documentation will work if placed within the templates. I've got this great sidebar in my page design but very few of the useful Amazon Product Feed variables are available at the page template level. What to do?

There are two HTML options <OBJECT> and <IFRAME>. These are fairly well supported on the more popular browsers, though OBJECT is the only one of the two specified in the HTML 4.0 standards. Nonetheless, I went with IFRAME for some of its more useful features.

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Posting to cOUNTER fLOW

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cOUNTER fLOW is a sideblog intended to generate a list of links in a sidebar. You'll see it performing its intended job lower down in the sidebar of the index page. However, it didn't take long for it to grow into a regular blog, with categories, RSS feeds, comments, the whole lot.

If you would like priviliges to post links in cOUNTER fLOW, you'll first have to cut your teeth in the eJournal Message Forums. A few dozen entries should be enough for us to determine whether your editorial sense is what we're looking for.

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