February 12, 2004

Posting to cOUNTER fLOW

Posted at 08:31 PM Instruction Manual

cOUNTER fLOW is a sideblog intended to generate a list of links in a sidebar. You'll see it performing its intended job lower down in the sidebar of the index page. However, it didn't take long for it to grow into a regular blog, with categories, RSS feeds, comments, the whole lot.

If you would like priviliges to post links in cOUNTER fLOW, you'll first have to cut your teeth in the eJournal Message Forums. A few dozen entries should be enough for us to determine whether your editorial sense is what we're looking for.

For those with posting privileges, here's what you need to know.

Basic Posting

Because it's configured to be a sideblog, cOUNTER fLOW utilizes the Movable Type edit fields in an unusual fashion.


Well, Title is pretty straightforward--the title of your link. Usually, the real name of the page you're linking to.


The Link. Specify the full URL, eg: http://www.worldpeace.ca/InMyLifetime.htm

Don't put anything else in here. Test the link...before and after posting.

Extended Entry

Write the blurb here. Keep it short. Shoot for 50 words, but don't sweat too hard if you go over by a few, or more than a few. You can use basic HTML for formatting, more links, etc. but keep it simple.

The principle: entice the reader to visit the page within a brief summary of what they'll find there. You are allowed to interpret "summary" creatively.


This is important: cOUNTER fLOW categories describe the primary content of the linked site. When applying categories, consider the following:

  • Categories are intended to help visitors find information. A large political site that contains a few articles on feminist topics is not a Feminism site. (If the information in those pages is valuable to people searching for feminist topics, link to them individually.) A site placed in any category should be considered a primary or secondary resource for that category.

  • Sites with a broad focus can fall into multiple categories. However, consider the theme and focus of such sites before you fill the cornucopia. CorpWatch fits Corporate and, arguably, Political (but not Globalisation); FAIR fits Media and Political. They are both political, because of a strong progressive agenda.

  • The Media category is intended for analysis and commentary on media, not "media sites" like CNN, BBC, NYT, etc.

  • The Headlines category is intended for links to individual articles not links to publishers like NYT, CNN, etc. Generally, use the title of the article for the title of the post.

  • There is no Rant or Drivel category. Don't post sites which would fit into one.

  • There are no Left, Right, Conservative, Anarchist or Libertarian categories. All political denominations fall under Political. Make spectral distinctions in the blurb as you deem fit.

Additional Edit Fields

You don't have to worry about them. I've got the defaults set so they take care of themselves pretty much. There is a "Keywords" field which gets placed in HTML document headers to help search engines find your page. It's a good idea...not that I ever do anything with it.

If you save your post, and it doesn't show up on the site, check the Post Status field and make sure it's set to Publish and not Draft when you save.

A bit more about the blurb.

If you're writing your blurb and are tempted to be snide or toss in an ad-hominem, reconsider wether the link is appropriate. For example, Project for a New American Century scares the livin' bejezus out of me, but I can write a blurb which focusses on the significant and important information available on the site. On the other hand... capitalism.org .... If you've found something you personally consider beneath contempt and simply cannot resist announcing it to the world, then post it to Awful Link of the Day


If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The legal stuff:

I reserve the right to edit or delete any posts published on cOUNTER fLOW. I believe in a free press and all, but this is my press and I'm the editor.

Looking forward to following your links!


Posted by Patrick at February 12, 2004 08:31 PM