Australia :: June 1994 - March 1995

Subject: An Australian Juggernaut at The Commonwealth Games (Part II)
Date: September 12, 1994 01:23

19:55 Mount Elliot National Park (Townsville), Queensland :: 7 SEP 94

Well, the blighters went and won something like 87 gold medals didn't they. You should hear the Australians here clucking about like a rooster that's had every hen in the shed. It's so vile, so pretentious, so . . . American! <grin>

Still, I have the satisfaction of reminding them that though their athletes proved they're the class of the Commonwealth they broke few world records and a surprising number of Commonwealth Games records still stand -- that is, the Commonwealth Games do not represent a world-class competition. We must only wait two years for the Atlanta '96 Olympics to find out. It would be interesting to be here in Oz at that time and watch the roosters eat crow.

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