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Cool and the Gang.: Xiahe -- Labrang Si, Gansu, People's Republic of China
: People You Meet; The Author.
This was snapped by a young monk. See, they're a little reticent about having cameras pointed at them. Solution: give them the camera and they'll soon be merrily snapping pictures of each other, and you.

Oh, and the bundle of purple on my left is a monk hiding under his robes from the lens.

Cool and the Gang.
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China · Gansu · Xiahe
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People · Patrick
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30 Aug 2009, 10:30
get off of our nepal we don't need you the person who is now on the photo show off you folk man
30 Aug 2009, 11:24
Hello Rajesh,

I've never even been to Nepal...this photo was taken in Xiahe, China.
06 Oct 2010, 06:49
I was wonderful when I saw this picture. I here want to comment all you that what is your religion and what tradition you follow?
I really appreciate you due to your proper behave.
watching you white guy
06 Dec 2010, 14:43
Perhaps you might respect their desire to not be photographed instead of finding ways of fooling them. Your tone suggests that you find these monks to be quaint and silly. I deeply hope that your tone is misleading, and that you are not traveling the world as a living example of white imperialism and spiritual bankruptcy.
06 Dec 2010, 17:03

On the contrary, my visit to Xiahe proved the source of the most gratifying and profound experience of my 6 months in China. Clicking on the image above leads here: -- where I describe that experience. This photograph was taken a day later. We'd spent some time with the young monks who were at least as curious about us (and our camera equipment) as we were about them.

If you look through other photos from Xiahe, you'll find several of young monks who asked to be photographed, alone and with me.

The tone is an expression of the glee and good natured fun -- the loving kindness, if you will -- with which we were interacting... and I believe the photograph captures both better than the words.
25 Mar 2013, 07:08
I like your site. Thank you so much.
07 Aug 2013, 18:43
Could you give me some smaller notes?
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