December 31, 2003


Posted at 03:38 AM Notebook

Spent much of the last couple days reworking the eJournal's site design. Shouldn't have taken that long, but there's this pesky difference in the behaviours of Netscape and IE. In IE, specifying a percantage width for an object in a table may not work the way you'd expect.

<table width="100%"> in IE produces a table fully 100% of the size of the current element, without taking into account any formatting done on it.

This caused no end of grief -- well, eventually I figured it out. On the pages, the box the main text appears in often contains a 100% wide table, and this table was forcing the box to contact with the context bar rather than have the little space between.

Worked great in Netscape, though. Just have to remember to be more careful to test on both platforms.


Posted by Patrick at December 31, 2003 03:38 AM