February 04, 2004

Blog List -- A list of blogs on this site.

Posted at 01:57 PM Notebook
Eventually, I'll create an index that builds this, but for now:
My Messy Workbench
This blog, which is where I test and work on my blogs, post hacks, mods and plugins that I install, write reviews and post my todo/toodone lists.
NoMad Man
Is a more literary blog, where I write about various subjects.
Media Things
This is a sideblog, which means it's primarily designed to create links to appear in the sidebar of the main index. You'll see it in the sidebar on this page. However, I've upgraded MediaThings to function as something of a sideways blog. That is, it can stand on its own. In this form, I use it for posting reviews of various books, films and records I read, view or listen to.
This one is a full-blown sideblog, though I may upgrade it to function like Media Things. For now I just use it to post interesting links, typically to dissent/activist pages I like.
That's it for now. More coming, I'm sure. Posted by Patrick at February 4, 2004 01:57 PM