May 15, 2004

Google and Yahoo ranking test IV

Posted at 02:17 PM Testbench

Google and Yahoo rankings in the extended portion of this entry (saves rebuild time).

noam chomsky7113328000085
Michel Foucault51111730000>30
Naomi Wolf>3020753900082
bell hooks>306947300045
Susan Faludi>30178570087
Andrew Jackson2724417000000>30
Howard Zinn2581490000>30
Bruce Chatwin>307257000>30
Albert Einstein>3027714900000>30
Jack Kerouac>30161430000>30
Lao Zi>3038848000>30
Lao Tse>3038463000>30
uluru picture3144104000>30
chief seattle7278020000>30
bertrand russell>302371940000>30
john steinbeck>30201740000>30
david brin>3022419000>30
robert m pirsig>307168000>30
heisenberg uncertainty principle>3093146000>30
Google Rank: Value shows numeric position of query.
Google Links: Number of pages linking to queried page.
Google Results: Total number of results (approximate) returned by search query.
Yahoo Rank: "1" = top 10; "2" = top 20; "3" = top 30
Google Links & Results: Not currently working.

Posted by Patrick at May 15, 2004 02:17 PM