Some good reasons for using phpBB as your Movable Type comment engine.

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I've integrated my phpBB forum installation to run comments on my Movable Type blogs. ((Here's how.) There are several very good reasons for doing so. Continue reading "Some good reasons for using phpBB as your Movable Type comment engine."


Taking MT Editors Offline

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I've already talked about offline editing in a general way in the article Editing your blogs offline -- not ready for primetime.

At this writing, I manage a Movable Type installation (or try to) comprised of 3 full blogs and a pair of sideblogs. Four of these are (or will be) fairly active and in a single writing session I may post to all four. I'm writing this entry on my laptop which, as is often the case, is presently not connected to the internet.

I write a lot; I write in several blogs; so far, I'm the only author on my blogs; I write away from the web. This set of circumstances presents a number of feature requirements which the currently available MT editing tools generally fulfill poorly, if at all.

I'm going to talk about offline blogging with three popular and generally well-designed desktop editors for Movable Type blogs: Zempt 0.3, SharpMT 2.1 and w.Bloggar 3.03. First, I'll identify some basic requirements for editing mulitiple blogs offline, and how each of the editors fails or succeeds to meet those requirements. Then I'll discuss additional offlining pros and cons for each editor.

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SharpMT 2.1 (Beta 1)

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This latest interim-release of SharpMT provides some great new features.

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Editing your blogs offline -- not ready for primetime.

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I've been looking for a good offline editor for posting entries to my Movable Type blogs. There are several exceptional freeware and donationware editing clients available for MT, and a few are useful when disconnected from the internet, so long as only one blog is to be edited. SharpMT, Zempt and w.Bloggar, in particular, make for serviceable single-blog offline editors. However, no editor provides more than the most rudimentary functionality and features called for in an offline environment. And bloggers who publish more than one weblog are in a particularly cumbersome bind.

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Got some category stuff up.

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Obviously way too tired to be doing this. Slooooow. Bleh.

Anyway, finally got some category stuff displaying. Added some links to the header but also made it so the categories an entry is in will display to the right of the entry. Even wrote up a little tutorial for it, uhhh, yah here.

I'll knock off after propagating that code throughout the templates. That oughtta take, oh, another 5 hours!

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