December 14, 2003

re: Kwai ruminations

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The following feedback is a response to On the River Kwaii which I wrote in Konchanaburi, Thailand, site of the Death Railway, immortalised with precise innacuracy in the film The Bridge on the River Kwai, and where I had opportunity to ruminate on evil and whatever else it is that motivates man to level holocaust upon fellow man. (See How far would you go?)
ALPHA 60 wrote:
> What is not frequentlly noted is that many "millions" of non-Jews also died; any
> undesirable ethnic or disabled/disenfranchised were subject to WWII and the
> "final solution" in death camps.
> So to were the approx 8 million native North American Indians. Pres Jackson
> and his men rode slaughter on thousands of helpless Indian women & children.
> Their use of Indian flesh to serve as grease in cooking is well documented; he
> and many other Presidents (and Pres hopefuls, ie Custer) did reap "genocide'
> well before Hitler. But they are not "evil" or held accountable. I live in a State (Calif)
> where the "death camps" ie Calif Missions are major tourist attractions, despite
> the mass graves of Indian slaves, who's uprisings have not been documented
> in our schools and their wholesale slaughter is given tribute of being X'd out of
> history. Father Serra (the "Hitler" who 'signed the order' here in Calif) is often
> found on County and STate Seals, statues of him grace the Mission towns of
> Ventura and Santa Barbara. An American Hero ?? !!
> Good luck with your writing that makes an attempt to put into focus what is
> seen by some of us as certainly a convenient history that no one dare call
> into question (ie witness the heat that Brando felt for his statements)
> p.s. - I've been to Thailand several times and enjoyed your descriptions of the
> beauty some of that country still retains.
> Alpha_60@....


There's an old joke I first heard in junior high:

Q: What's the difference between Communisim and Capitalism?

A: In Communism, man oppresses man. In Capitalism, it's the other way around.

I think it's safe to say, man oppresses man regardless of the system. Under the right conditions, with very little encouragement, it could be any of us on either side of that oppression.

Mostly, I needed to respond to your message to thank you for affirming what it is I'm trying to do. I know a little of that heat Brando felt from some of the responses to my postings. Not so much of the world's attention is focussed my way. I wonder what it must be like to have the mainstream media reviling you on primetime. It's also good to hear you feel my writings on Thailand do it some justice.




I let it slide at the time, but the claim "Their use of Indian flesh to serve as grease in cooking is well documented" shouldn't be left in a post without at least providing some sort of documentary evidence. Unfortunately, I can't find any on the 'net.

Gads! What am I saying! Fortunately, I can't find any documentary evidence on the 'net.

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