December 21, 2003

Complete integrating changes for phpBB comment engine

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Still working on step Get the correct comment counts.


Comment counts installed.

Now working on comment display, which is not working at the moment. fetch_all is not getting the list of posts, for some reason.


got that going (Missing CRLF at the end of a comment in the code, caused a crucial line to get deleted.

Next item up on this list is to integrate fluffy's display code, which includes login/logout links. Very nice.


OK, done with that. Next up: recent discussions list, which should be easy enough...


Actually, that took some debugging. Fluffy's php was hard-coded for FluffyBlog, so I abstracted the hard-coded stuff to allow a bit more flexibility for use in both my blogs.

It's operating in MyMessyWorkbench, just have to port it over to NoMad MaN -- but it's time to head out to my cousins' for xmas dinner...



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