December 10, 2003

On to Zempt 0.3

Posted at 03:20 AM

Zempt 0.3 has a bit better support for Movable Type post editing, with full compliance for all editable fields.

Not as feature rich an editor as w.bloggar, but very close. Includes an HTML preview tab.

And it claims to work offline. I'm just about to check that.

Well, not quite what I'd hoped. I can save a draft version of a post, but that appears to be about it for management. It defaults to saving the post as a file, but there's no information concerning order, date/time stamp or the like. Further, in order to post the draft, I have to manually open it and execute the publish.

Not quite what I'd hoped...

Even if it does support the media insert stuff (EG:

[Listening to: Wild Horses - Tori Amos - (05:43)]

Posted by Patrick at December 10, 2003 03:20 AM