December 18, 2003

SharpMT 2.0 editing test II

Posted at 12:17 PM Testbench

This is a test of SharpMT 2.0's entry editing capabilities.

This first attempt is an unpublished draft, published here for the first time.


Now I'm trying to repost after an edit.


OK, now I've re-downloaded the entry into SharpMT. (Last time I made some changes on the local copy and posted that.) I'll try posting that.

[EDIT] OK. That worked fine.

Now I'm working on the same copy I just posted. The question is, do I have to remember to get the updated copy every time?


Here's the dope on SharpMT entry editing:

1> Post a new entry
2> Update Blog links
3> Get the posted copy of the entry from the blog.
4> Edit and post that copy as many times as you like.

Just don't forget step #3!!!

I need to recheck if step 2 is necessary.

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Posted by Patrick at December 18, 2003 12:17 PM