January 01, 2004

Renovating and redecorating the eJournal site

Posted at 08:06 PM Notebook

Been redecorating over on the eJournal site. Like it?

In the process I also discovered the site's become so large the free site search engine from Master.com was no longer indexing all the pages (max, 30MB, and the site's over that by nearly 10 MB.) Spent a fair bit of time renovating the search facilities. To accommodate all that content, I split the search between photo galleries and text pages, which brings the page count and total size under the minimums, for now. The image gallery alone chews up 29MB -- and that's only counting the text on 1900 pages!)

While I was at the search bit, also added indexing and search for these blogs to the text search (example)

The Master.com engine's a good one -- the advanced search options are pretty powerful (example). Great functionality for a free service -- particularly considering the page/size maximums are a very generous 5000/30MB. Very few sites attain such sizes.

Being on the subject of search engines, I've deployed ht:dig on the Suitable for Framing online gallery. It's open source, meaning not only is it free, you get a copy of the source code to mess around with. On that site, I extended ht:dig to display thumbnails of the images returned by the search (example). Pretty nifty, actually.

It may be time to revisit ht:dig for the eJournal picture gallery search, just to get the thumbnails. I'd have gone with ht:dig the first time around, but my synaptic.bc.ca ISP at the time didn't support the software libraries required. Perhaps my newest ISP does?


Posted by Patrick at January 1, 2004 08:06 PM