February 04, 2004

How can I receive email notification?

Posted at 12:55 AM

This Movable Type installation has integrated phpBB as its comment engine. Among other benefits, this means

  1. you can receive email notification whenever someone posts a new comment to a particular blog entry.
  2. you can receive email notification whenever a new entry is posted to a blog.
How do I do that?

First, only registered users can receive email notifications, so you'll want to register if you haven't already.

New Comments Notification

To receive email notification for new comments you've got two choices.

Post a comment yourself
Posting a comment auto-subscribes registered users for email notification. It's easy to unsubscribe. Your email notification will provide unsubscribe instructions. Or you can follow the instructions for subscribing below to find the "stop notify" link.

subscribe on the eJournal forum pages.
At the bottom of the comments list of every blog entry appears a set of comment engine links. Click on the Forum View link. It will take you to the phpBB ghost-forum topic containing comments for that blog entry. Simply click on the link titled "watch this topic for new replies" and you'll be subscribed for any comments for that blog entry.

Note that if the link reads "stop watching this topic" then you're already subscribed. Click that link and you'll be unsubscribed from notification.

New Blog Entry Notification

To receive email notification whenever a new blog is created, click on the Forum View link in the comments link section of any individual entry. In phpBB, click on the "blog name" forum link. It's easy to spot: look for the "eJournal Message Forums" link with a big arrow pointing to it. On that page, look for the "watch this forum for new topics" link and click on that. Now you're done and you'll begin receiving notifications whenever new blog entries are created in that blog.

I got a notification email! Now what do I do?
OK. You receive an email notification telling you there's either a "new topic" in the forums (meaning a new blog entry) or a "topic reply" (meaning a new comment) Now what do you do? In your email are a couple links. Clicking on the first one brings you to the phpBB forum topic. The first message in the topic has all the information for getting you to the new blog entry or new comments. Just follow the appropriate link there. You can also review the comments in the forum, and reply to them there if you like.

The second link in the email is for unsubscribing. Click it if you no longer wish to receive notifications for that topic or forum.

Posted by Patrick at February 4, 2004 12:55 AM