February 11, 2004

Not idle

Posted at 05:08 PM Notebook

Haven't posted for a bit, but I certainly haven't been idle.

Finished off the general design and implementation for a couple sideblogs, MediaThings and cOUNTER fLOW. You'll see them in the sidebar of the main index page of every blog.

Also did a bunch of work to the main index sidebar and set it up to be the default on all blogs.

One of the cute little upgrades is to provide RSS feeds by category. Thanks to the girlie matters for that. If you choose to implement that, I've got a couple suggestions for editing the default RSS template to make the feed a bit more informative. I'll post them in this blog when I have the time. (Or sooner if someone asks me to.) RSS is still making my head spin.

Still trying to figure out why some blocks in the sidebar bleed into one another in IE. Doesn't happen in Netscape where all blocks remain distinct. Can't see a difference in the code between blocks that work and blocks that don't. Things that make ya go, hmmmm.

Oh yeah, finally got around to acknowledging (most of) the MT plugins that power these blogs. Thanks!

Posted by Patrick at February 11, 2004 05:08 PM