December 14, 2003

Recursive Infringement

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Back when the most complex HTML was figuring out the <TABLE> tag I'd tell newb folks who wanted to build their own page: "go surfing -- when you find something you like, copy the page, use the structure and make the page your own." I grit my teeth in self-reprimand wondering how many other legitimate webmasters I've inflicted with copyright infringements like the one described below.

Both pages in question are now deceased, but my page would have looked something like Theatre Absurd, which is looking a bit long in the tooth. (The green was an experiment, OK?) Hers was remarkably similar, as described below.


Well, you could remove the 'synaptic' from the <TITLE> tag on, perhaps replacing it with the more appropriate "ArtQuilting".

And the synpsblt.gif(s) appearing on your page are indeed covered by the copyright on the copyright page from which you took them. Please create your own GIF, or get one from a free clip-art source, or annually write me a cheque for $100US for each usage.

It's kinda ironic that they appear on your copyright page (which itself is an infringement--compounding the irony). And then there's the line

For web use of text, please link to the HTML from which the text originates and cite the author as "Olena Nebuchadnezzar".
So perhaps you'd like to provide a link to my Copyright page @ and cite "Patrick Jennings" as the author?

Finally, something sticks in my craw about the usage of "lovingly maintained by Abe Nebuchanezzar," given the circumstances. That phrase is something of a personal signature and I'd prefer if it remained that way.

I'm not sure how you'll read this. On the one hand I'm having a good chuckle. On the other, there are some serious issues which you must address.



PS: You'll want to update the email address appearing on the page.


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