December 14, 2003

Spherical Bastards

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Being in something of a writing slump for a long while I've decided to remind myself I can write by wandering through my sent mail log. I'll post anything worthwhile to the blog.

I'm also pretty fond of found stuff. Even better, clever things folks write to me. Whatever's appropriate, or especially delicious, I'll post here as well.

Here's something I forwarded on to a number of friends, back in 97.

[Forwards not coming down to earth]

> >-----Original Message-----
> >"We astronomers really can be spherical bastards," said one scientist.
> > Not having heard the term before, I leaned over and inquired what he
> > meant, "Spherical bastard" he repeated, "a term left over from Edwin
> > Hubbble's day to describe a malcontent from any angle."
> >
> > - Eric J. Chaisson, "The Hubble Wars"
> >
> >


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