February 10, 2004

Web stats & clairvoyance

Posted at 04:54 AM Found
About a fifth of the way down the search keyword stats for synaptic.bc.ca (that is, the stats which let me know the keywords folks are using to find the site.)
keyword   	hits      % of total
bombing		25		0 %
president	25		0 %
war		24		0 %
2004		24		0 %
Hopefully that's just a weird coincidence, and not an indication of things to come? But it is a bit less subtle than reading tea leaves. TrackBack URL

Testing Trackback Display
Excerpt: Just a link to generate a trackback ping for testing http://www.synaptic.bc.ca/NoMadMaN/archives/2004/02/web_stats_clairvoyance.php...
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