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Buffalo Ranch<br>26 miles into Oklahoma: Oklahoma Route 66, Oklahoma!, United States of America
: Emporium.

Buffalo Ranch
26 miles into Oklahoma

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USA · Oklahoma · Oklahoma 66 · Route 66
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cindy wilder
20 May 2010, 01:29
my aunt/uncle use to be the sole owner's and created the Buffalo Ranch in Afton, OK
I have spent many summer's there. maybe we can chat sometime

15 Jun 2011, 11:53
we used to stop here thru the 70's and 80's on our way to missouri. this was a family stop like an old west town with indian pow wow. i took my child there and was looking for a great time only to find out theres a gas station in the old towns spot. why did they tear all of it down? my child was like umm... good one dad i felt like a peice of my childhood had been scraped away to make room for a subway.
Patrick (webmaster)
15 Jun 2011, 12:47
Mmmmm... I hear ya Jacob. Though there's been a resurgence of the old road, some of its old attractions are falling by the wayside.

I'm thinking you and Cindy may be able to share some stories... some reminiscences. Eh, Cindy? <smile>

Journey well,

17 Jul 2011, 02:40
get in touch.we can share stories. i am looking for buffalo ranch route 66 items for sale.

08 Sep 2011, 22:08
I remember begging my dad to stop here on family driving trips in the mid '60s. We were either on the way to Grand Lake or Dallas from Kansas City. It was a big treat when we got to stop and look at animals and buy souvenirs. That's all I remember doing. I am sad to hear it is gone. I would just like to look at some pictures.
cindy wilder
15 Sep 2011, 19:35
Jacob...after my aunt (owner of buffalo ranch) died in late 90's the tourist attraction was sold. new owners destroyed all of the buildings and sold her white faced buffalo; other animals. it is now a travel center/truck stop. i was there recently for a visit.

maybe we can share stories sometime.

cindy wilder
15 Sep 2011, 19:47
if anyone out there has ANY Buffalo Ranch Afton OKLA items for sale pls get in touch.

my uncle/aunt (deceased) are the original owners. collecting any/all memorbillia

Dale AKA (Cochise)
18 Dec 2012, 14:35
Our family lived in Coffeyville Ks. We used to go to Grand Lake almost every summer in the late 50's and early 60,s. We usually stayed at Hill,s Camp, but we drove our Dad crazy till he stopped at the Buffalo Ranch. My brother and I still have fond memories of those days. Now live in Atlanta Tx.
27 Jan 2013, 18:23
Progress sucks! We stopped every summer from the age of 2 until i was 18 on our way to my uncle's home in Locust Grove,OK. My heart broke at the discovery it no longer existed.I have photos of me on the buffalo,bucking bronco and a baby bracelet,ring and indian doll.I took my oldest son there when he was 5 and had planned on taking my other son and daughter. So much for plans. I also am looking for memborabilia. Very good to know others have such fond memories.
27 Sep 2013, 12:51
Our family enjoyed Buffalo Ranch. I have black and white pictures in a 'Buffalo Ranch' souvenier photo album of our visit in 1960. We had such a good time along route 66 in the 60s. My dad was a truck driver and knew all the best places to take his five kids to.
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