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Created in June, 1995, to document my year of travelling through Australia and SE Asia, The Nomadic Spirit has grown and evolved over the years. As of January, 2004 there are over 2,000 pages including more than 200 travelogue entries, an image gallery exhibiting over 1,300 photographs, two active blogs, and a burgeoning set of arts & humanites resources including forums, calendars and directories, all intertwined, interdependent, interactive. You can help me continue to maintain, build and enhance this website.


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Any donation helps keep the Nomadic Spirit online. As of January, 2004, the various Nomadic Spirit sites are comprised of over 300MB of text and image files. Every month more than 40,000 unique visitors download apporoximately 14GB from the Nomadic Spirit's pages. (I find this both stunning and humbling.) Not surprising that no one will host these pages for free. It's not a large burden, but anyone who graciously shares it earns my most sincere gratitude.

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Something Useful for You;
Fulfilling for Me.

Books. Books and Video. I began with the Nomadic Spirit's Critical Resources pages, adding bibliographies and reading lists linked to As an Amazon affiliate this site earns a percentage of every book, video or other item my visitors purchase. The quarterly revenue doesn't cover the site's entire operating costs, but it helps. And I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile when people read and view the books and media I recommend.

The Nomadic Spirit is expanding its affiliate resources to the Traveller's Aid pages, and throughout the rest of the Nomadic Spirit site. Hopefully, you'll find them equally useful.


Energy: Participation

This is the internet, a grand, ongoing interactive experiment. Please participate, spread the energy around. Feedback informs, inspires, even the most critical of it (please, do keep it polite.) Interaction is the most invigorating form of support you can offer.

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