Critical Resources

These Critical Resource pages flow from my travels, from my exploration of other countries, other peoples, other ways of being and thought. They are the result of adventures into a variety of places and cultures and represent encounters with otherness and the growth induced by them..

. Critical Thinkers

Important thinkers in the fields of philosophy, political dissent, social commentary, culture, theology, science, fiction and other fields.

. Critical Blogs

cOUNTER fLOW provides links to progressive activist resources.

Media Things presents books, films and music--generally with reviews or commentary--and is the evolution of Critical Texts for Critical Times.

. Critical Texts for Critical Times

A bibliography of books and media which can help us navigate these critical times with our humanity intact.

. Critical History

A selection of important historical events including American Westward Expansion, Hiroshima and Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Policy.

. Critical Cultures

An Australian Aboriginal Studies bibliography and resource, and on a lighter note: US Route 66.

. Critical Acclaim

A topsites list, which is to say, a popularity contest for like-minded webmasters: Why don't you join?