Critical Thinkers

David Brin
Science Fiction Author
Spritual Guide
Bruce Chatwin
Nomad, aesthete, writer.
Noam Chomsky
Political Dissident; Left-Libertarian
Albert Einstein
Susan Faludi
Journalist, Feminist, Cultural Observer
Michel Foucault
Postmodern Historian, Archaeologist of Knowledge
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
...just when you thought you had it figured out!
Andrew Jackson
US President; Architect of Indian Removal
bell hooks
Feminist, Poet, Culture Jammer, Writer of Children's Books
Jack Kerouac
Road Warrior
Lao Tse
Robert M. Pirsig
Author of Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
Bertrand Russell
Logical Atomist, Philosopher, Logician, Peace Activist.
Chief Seattle
West Coast Indian Chief
John Steinbeck
Author of Grapes of Wrath
Naomi Wolf
Populist Feminist
Howard Zinn/dt>
Historian, political activist, pacifist.