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Bohemian Ink: Jack Kerouac
biographies, writing samples, research sources and other information pertaining to Jack Kerouac

Starts with a brief biography and branches into a much larger, if somewhat content-superficial site. Bohemian Ink speaks with an authoritative concinnity--as if it knows something you want to know about. It's a bit of a tease leaving you hungry for more, which it provides through useful, if unannotated, resource links. Perhaps a trifle self-consciously hip, but not a bad place for orienting newcomers to beat/Bohemian lifestyle and literature.
Literary Kicks :: Jack Kerouac
biographies, writing samples, research sources and other information pertaining to Jack Kerouac

Without the flash style of Bohemian Ink, Literary Kicks' Kerouac pages take a deep, fulfilling cut into Kerouac. Go here if you have the time for a little immersion.
Jack Kerouac Timeline
Born Jean Louis Lebris de Kerouac in Lowell, MA on March 12; third child of Gabrielle and Leo Kerouac, French-Canadian immigrants to New England.

I suppose it's appropriate that Kerouac's timeline extends to 1997, 40 years after the publication of On the Road and 28 years after his alcohol-soaked death. He lives on through his words. Indeed, Orpheus Emerged emerged in 2002, so even this timeline ends all too soon.
The New York Times Featured Author: Jack Kerouac.
"The story is nothing...while the unravelling is everything." -- David Dempsey

So says David Dempsey in his 1958 review of Kerouac's Subterraneans. The New York Times book reviews have been the most influential in North America, probably since forever. Note that the paper's editorial stance tends well to the right of center and you'll better appreciate the restraint shown by the reviewers.
Dharma Beat.
"DHARMA beat is a newszine about Kerouac's life and writing. We publish information of interest about Kerouac events and happenings around the world. Visit our links page and calender about Kerouac events." -- Dharma Beat

Not very pretty, but its informative, utilitarian nature more than compensates for what Dharma Beat lacks in ease of use.
Virgin Megaweb -- Route 66
Jack Kerouac and the "Beat Generation", a coast to coast trip down the legendary highway [Route 66], in the footsteps of the beatniks.

Just as many associate Kerouac's On the Road with Route 66 (the highway is never mentioned or named in the book), this page purports to be about Route 66, yet only mentions it in the introduction. No, this page is about Kerouac and his fellow adventurers who blazed the Bohemian trail through post-war America. Unflinching and glitterless in its depiction of Kerouac et. al., it is shorter on content than it appears, relying heavily on contextual links into the extensive content of other pages, most notably Literary Kicks. (Typical of a commercial website: offer a small amount of content linked to the nets better resources...then hope surfers surf through your shop on the way out, or at least remember your name the next time they rubber-sole it into the mall.)

Kerouac in the Nomadic Spirit

You should get off the train here.
Mostly I just invoke Kerouac's name a few times, but there's a lengthy passage taken from the introduction to On the Road
Get your kicks on ROUTE 66.
A quote from On the Road
The Pearl
Actually, the title of this is a reference to a Kerouac quote. You'll find the quote inside along with some commentary and another quote.
Looking for pearls.
Another quote from On the Road
A little lucky; a little unlucky; a little better.
Yet another quote from On the Road
Going to and fro.
I finally take a shot at Kerouac and the beat generation.
The Mother Road.
A smallish reference to Kerouac's Pearl.
I still don't get it. . .
A brief historical placement of Kerouac in space-time.
Such a fine sight to see... Part II
Another On the Road quotation.
The dustless air.
A side reference to Kerouac and getting your kicks.
I need a vacation.
A pair of On the Road quotes.
Been there; done that.
An invocation and a quote.
lost entries
Another quotation.
Image and everything.
A final quotation.