Nomadic Spirit Stuff you'll want to buy.

Nomadic Spirit visitors can buy a variety of unique items created by, well, me.

Photographic prints & posters

Suitable for Framing

My travel and fine-art photography gallery, Suitable for Framing, exhibits photographs from my travels through Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Europe and the United States of America. Purchase framed prints & posters, calendars, greeting cards & postcards as well as t-shirts & other apparel, all featuring the vibrant, colourful people and places of the world.

I enjoy expressing myself with graphical designs then putting them on t-shirts & other apparel, buttons, magnets, stickers, license plate frames and more. I wear these around town. Now, so can you.

Peace & Love Gift Shop

The Peace & Love Shop is a determined expression of positive thought and loving kindness in the form of graphical designs for T-Shirts, buttons, stickers, posters and a variety of other gifts.

Murphy was an Optimist

On the other hand, Murphy had it right: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy's Law is a reminder to prepare yourself and design your projects with the "anything that can go wrong" in mind. Maybe you'll even eliminate the "anything that can go wrong" altogether!

Nah. My favourite Murphyism is O'Toole's Commentary on Murphy's Law which observes, "Murphy was an Optimist." So, no matter how bad Murphy thought it could get, it'll probably get worse. And the variety of Murphisms on this site indicate that's the case.

2 Clever 4 Words

I love words. Words are cool. I like blending them, reassembling them after violent dissassembly. I like it when other people find ways to make important concepts clear using words. And I love those clever wisdoms that seem like common sense except that it's not common practice to live by them. 2 Clever 4 Words is all about, well, words. Phrasers on Stun, quotations and Uncommon sense. Words and more words. But also Visual Puns, and thoughts that go Against the Grain

Filmmaker Tees

I make my living in the film industry and Filmmaker Tees is an opportunity to have a little fun with it. Mostly apparel, buttons, mugs & stickers, featuring humour and on-the-nose gear for filmmaking crew, there's plenty to tickle the sensibilities of cineastes and film fans alike.


I also enjoy identifying what I refer to as Critical Texts: subversive books, films and music. These are available via my affiliation with

Critical Texts

I've been linking to important, primarily progressive, books and films on via Critical Thinkers pages since early in 2001. You'll find them in the right sidebar of these pages as well as Critical History and Critical Cultures pages and other pages spread out through this site.

It was in the aftermath of 911 that I inaugurated the Critical Texts page, a concentrated effort to identify books, films and music offering important -- critical -- insight into the social, spiritual and political realities at a crucial moment in history. That original effort expanded to Media Things, a blog entirely devoted to identifying books, films and music worth consuming.