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Wikipedia :: Naomi Wolf
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Wolf has been described by Camille Paglia as a "yuppie feminist".
-- Wikipedia

The New Feminism
What is a feminist? You are a feminist if you believe:
  1. Women matter as much as men do.
  2. Women have the right to determine their lives.
  3. Women's experiences matter.
  4. Women have the right to tell the truth about their experiences.
  5. Women deserve more of whatever it is they are not getting enough of because they are women: respect, self-respect, education, safety, health, representation, money.

  6. -- Naomi Wolf, Fire With Fire

Congress, mind your mamas
J. Trout Lowen's November, 2001 on the formation of MOTHER (Mothers Ought To Have Equal Rights), appearing in Minnesota Women's Press.

"Looking back on 200 years of feminist agitation in this country, we've got to get it that the moral high ground doesn't get us anything. Pleading with powerful men never gets us what we need. Talking doesn't do it. Being right doesn't do it. Hardball politics does it ... and a political strategy." -- Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf: 4 questions for the author and feminist queries the author of Misconceptions.

"Birth centers feel, oddly, like the opposite of even the best hospital obstetrics ward. It is about vitality, not technique; about health, not crisis. It is about life processes, not a series of unhappy conditions; relaxed and cheerful, with no fear." -- Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf answers your questions
Readers of the UK's The Guardian newspaper query Wolf on a wide variety of subjects, many of them quite personal, some profound, and some, well, rather ordinary.

Q: In which area of Western society do you think the women's movement has had most impact, and where has it had the least? (from Tracy Johnson)

A: Obviously Norway and Scandinavian countries in general come closest to full equality for women and statistically I think that countries like Greece and Italy usually come last in assessments of women's status. Having said that, since I personally am closest to events in North America and the UK, and since those countries corner the market on the rhetoric of democracy, I find the gaps between ideals and reality when it comes to women the most aggravating there.

The Woodhull Institute
An organisation co-founded by Wolf.

Until now, no single entity existed to train women in assuming ethical leadership roles. The Woodhull Institute was founded to create a community where women can acquire business acumen, develop personal and professional skills, meet inspiring role models and mentors and belong to an empowering network where ideas are generated and exchanged. -- The Woodhull Institute
Starting On My Spiritual Path
by Naomi Wolf, in Tikkun Magazine

Editorial note: We asked Naomi Wolf to tell us about her experiences as she began to rediscover a spiritual path in the last few years. We pressed her to tell us about the resistances she faced, both in the people around her, and within herself.

Statement to Dying to be Thin
From her address at Dying to be Thin: The prevention of eating disorders and the role of Federal policy, An APA Co-Sponsored Congressional Briefing - July, 1997

"I, unfortunately know all too much about anorexia from my own personal experience. The reason I wanted to question what was the conventional wisdom when I first began looking at this issue, was that when I remembered how I became anorexic, it wasn't a particularly neurotic process. When I was thirteen, perfectly average sized kid, a boy, Bobby Sherman, poked me in the stomach, and said 'Watch it Wolf.' The implication was that I was getting chubby and I immediately did what Cosmo suggest that I should do." -- Naomi Wolf

alt.culture: Wolf, Naomi
A concise, though somewhat slanted bio.

Naomi Wolf is here to make feminism fun -- without making fun of feminism
Wolf spoke to Eye On Line from New York City:

"Radical heterosexuality is based on an article I wrote for Ms. Magazine, which asks the question, 'Can you love a man and save your feminist soul?'" — Naomi Wolf

My wish list for Clinton.
Wolf tells Mother Jones the five steps she'd most like to see Clinton take. Nothing yet on what she'd like Bush to do.

A Woman's Place (by Naomi Wolf)
commencement address at Scripps College

"I want to give you the commencement talk that was denied to me."

Assorted reviews of Wolf's books

Author/feminist Naomi Wolf seeks to dispel myths surrounding female sexual desire
The more than 400 people who attended author and feminist Naomi Wolf's March 28 Women's History Month keynote address were the first U.S. audience to hear material Wolf is planning to use in a book she is currently writing. (Promiscuities)

Author Naomi Wolf asks: Can a `good Jewish girl' be sexual?
In her new, most personal book, Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood, Wolf writes about her intoxicating Haight-Ashbury adolescence. She uses her experiences to open a discussion about female sexuality and to answer the vexing question, "How do we turn girls into women?"

The October,1995 article from The New Republic which sparked, among others, the commentaries below.

Why having a baby did not make me anti-abortion.
When feminist author Naomi Wolf became pregnant, she caused a transatlantic storm by announcing that it had changed her view of abortion. By contrast, Ann Füredi found that pregnancy confirmed her commitment to a woman's right to abort an unwanted fetus.
A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Language and the Abortion Debate
The Progressive Review examines Naomi Wolf's new ethics of the pro-choice movement, and speculates on the shifting ethics of the abortion debate.
Nazi feminist argues that a fetus is life
From: Randy Hall's Award Winning web page..
Spiritual Therapy for Abortions???

Wolf on the Nomadic Spirit

Fueling the Bonfire.
It's Wolf vs. bell hooks: Chomsky & Foucault referee
Log of the Computer Mis-Adventures
A trailing quote.
We of the Never Never
Another quote

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