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Albert Einstein: Image and Impact
Another good site from The Center for History of Physics. Sprinkled liberally with images, biographical material, some physics, esoterica and other useful tidbits.
"There was this huge world out there, independent of us human beings and standing before us like a great, eternal riddle, at least partly accessible to our inspection and thought. The contemplation of that world beckoned like a liberation." -- Albert Einstein

Wikipedia :: Albert Einstein
The Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia is an exquisite result of the internet. This is a great Wikipedia entry, full featured with plenty of encyclopedic hyperlinks and additional resources.

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955) was a physicist and mathematician who proposed the theory of relativity. He also made major contributions to the development of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and cosmology, and is generally regarded as the most important physicist of the 20th century. He was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect and "for his services to Theoretical Physics";[1] however, the announcement of the award was not made until a year later, in 1922. (The Nobel is something of an irony, in not only that Einstein is far better-known for relativity, but that the photoelectric effect is all quantum, and Einstein became somewhat disenchanted with the path quantum theory would take.)

-- Wikipedia
Einstein Revealed
A companion site to Nova's two-hour special presenting a penetrating profile of Albert Einstein. The website contains articles, a timeline, some interactive learning, and is appropriate for young readers. You can also purchase the video.
"There is a parlor game physics students play: Who was the greater genius? Galileo or Kepler? (Galileo) Maxwell or Bohr? (Maxwell, but it's closer than you might think). Hawking or Einstein? (A no-brainer, whatever the best-seller lists might say. It's Einstein). But there are two figures who are simply off the charts. Isaac Newton is one. The other is Albert Einstein. If pressed, physicists give Newton pride of place, but it is a photo finish -- and no one else is in the race." -- Thomas Levenson

Albert Einstein quotes
An indexed list of quotes by Einstein on a variety of subjects..
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." -- Albert Einstein

Einstein in the Nomadic Spirit

Email received from a friend, correcting my poor paraphrasing of an Einstein quote and expanding on the Hiroshima A-Bomb theme.
The Feng Shui of Physics
A passing reference appearing in a defence of Feng Shui (reprinted from Tan Wee Kiat's letter to The New Straits Times an English language daily in Kuala Lumpur)
Are you afraid of the dark?
Here I discuss Tan Wee Kiat's reading of Einstein and Feng Shui and of the relationship between rational and non-rational ways of knowledge.