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David Brin's Official Website.
The best Brin site on the internet is chock full of interesting information on the author. Ranging from utilitarian to trivial, it's the kind of site one should expect when webmastered by the author, ummm, including a somewhat lame look and feel.

"This site offers information about my books and other projects -- ranging from fiction to science to non-fiction -- including samples of works past and in-progress. From public speaking, inventions and consulting to speculative worlds of tomorrow, come explore... ...or launch over to where fans and friends have set up their own nifty "Brin pages," plus artwork based on some of my worlds." -- David Brin

Hotseat Transcript: The Transparent Society
An interview with Brin promoting his book The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?.

"...whenever people get a choice between privacy and accountability, they always seem to choose privacy for themselves and accountability for everyone else. Especially those they don't trust. " -- David Brin

David Brin in the Nomadic Spirit

Ants in yer. . .
A quote. Note that Brin is wholly devoted to reason. That is, in this quote he's sneering at the Romantics.
Risking Dukkha.
Same quote. Still sneering.