The Nomadic Spirit Travelogue Index :: Cycling China

A bicycle tour of China offers a nearly ideal means of experiencing the country. But it's not for everyone. These entries detail the reasons why both these statements are true, and may help those planning a similar experience. And other entries just describe the joy of cycling, as transportation and simply for the sake of cycling.

Flying in Formation
Gathering crowds: the Chinese fascination with foreigners.
Wheeling in the Wind
Aaaah. Tailwind.
Wrath of the Gods
Headwinds. I hate headwinds!
Bicycle Country
How to cycle gracefully in China.
Back in the Saddle
Road experiences, including an awful night in a fandian.
No, no, no; a little humanity, please.
Road experiences, a more poetic description.
Mother Nature, the flirt.
Weaving through the storms, narrowly averting a soaking.
Black Mask Valley
Arguably the most disturbing cycling hazard in China: pollution.
Lost and Found
Another hazard: just finding your way.
Lovely Horse
Finding a ride partner.
The calm before
Relaxing before departure :: those ugly first days out.
It's a fat red line on the map!
On the consequences of misleading maps.
Getting to Linxia
Cycling from Lanzhou to Linxia, via Yongjing.
Getting to Xiahe
Cycling from Linxia to Xiahe.
We used to dream of living in a corridor!
Westward through the Silk Road's Hexi Corridor.
Time-outs: a necessary aspect of the long haul.
Random notes on cycling China
Tips for preparation, maintenance and prevention...
I am the bicycle's student.
The joy of riding.
I've been through the desert on a bike with no name
The rider's mind amid the desert.
Crossings -- Part I
Descriptions of long desert rides in Gansu and Xinjiang.
Getting there.