Haida Gwaii :: September 2002

After a long hiatus...

Back on the seeker's path, to the fabled Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte Islands off British Columbia's northern coast. Bicycling again, and Island hopping up the Inside Passage via BC Ferries wherever ocean intervenes.

Bracing for wet weather, and a plunge into Haida culture.

By my standards this was a quickie journey, just a month on the road, and in some respects a little disappointing. Scenically the Sunshine Coast, northern Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlottes offer little bang for the cyclist's buck, particularly considering the fantabulous visual glories offered by so many of British Columbia's highways. And Haida culture proved to be a little shy.

On the other hand, the Inside Passage ferry provides an unparalleled view of pristine BC rain forest. And what did I expect from the Haida in just a couple weeks? In retrospect the cultural experiences I did encounter were, given the time-scale, quite extraordinary.

Still, when I return to Haida Gwaii, sometime in the future, I think I'll be touring both the North and South Islands in a kayak. It seems to be the best means for accessing these remote Islands and for reaching the more culturally removed aspects of the ancient culture which still flourishes there.

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