South East Asia :: March - June 1995

Subject: Magazines you'll find in the lobbies of hotels.
Date: June 15, 1995 08:38

8:20 Kimi Ryokan; Tokyo-Japan :: 15 JUN 95

Beverly Hills Ate Her Face
by Cintra Wilson

Beware, children, beware
The gorgon of excessive plastic surgery.
She bought her skin from the sun and
Her body from the knife
To turn men into slobbering lust lackeys.
Now her warranties have expired,
And all creatures flee in gibbering horror
From her reupholstered face,
Tucked, chopped, dyed and pasted
Like particle board or tater tots.
Stand not in her freon glare,
Her pill-addled queenliness radiating
Through Ty-D-Bol-Flavored eyes.
She was transformed by surgeons
Splicing feverishly
With the abandon of rabid lawnmowers,
hacking their work into her face
As lovelessly as the word FUCK
Is carved into a park bench.
There are thousands more like her,
Mottling the bistros of Beverly Hills
With their frightful, scorched heads.
Love your faces, children,
Lest you become one of them.
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Cintra Wilson in Esquire magazine;
September, 1993
Originally published with illustrations.


Patrick. -- Responses Sought --

You have to surrender, to love not being what you wanted. In order to find what you truly need. To discover your inner nature. That's the only journey there is. Forget the space station.
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Harvey Keitel, Actor
Interviewed in Esquire, September, 1993