South East Asia :: March - June 1995

Subject: FW: RE: Cat City . . . and beyond.
Date: April 17, 1995 11:03

9:30 Saswasdee Guest House; Bangkok-Thailand :: 15 APR 95

Ian & Jenny Wijesinghe provide explanations for some things Malaysian I know nothing about.

>>Before that we'd walked through the night market and, from a couple of
>>food hawkers, bought a couple varieties of Chinese 'crepe' sorta
>>things.  Both very sweet and scrumptious.  No idea what they're called,
>>but one was quite thin and about 20cm across before folding.  The other
>>about 10cm more in diameter and of a consistency more like a thick
>>pancake.  Can't tell you what was in the filling, but yummy it was.
>Jenny says "if they look like a big English crumpets covered with brown
>sugar and peanut mix - then it's an apom - the other one is probably an

>egg hopper or apom balik"
> Mmmm. I miss all that food. Just loved wandering around the night stalls
> and picking out things to eat. Hope you've had cendol and iced horlicks
> - two of my favourites. Iced coffee in the tropics is great too. Night
> stalls with a breeze to cool the sweat is paradise - especially if you're
> near the ocean. Sigh.

Operating in true 'just eat it' fashion, it's quite possible I've tried cendol and iced horlicks but don't know it; my tendency is to just point at something interesting and hope it tastes good. I guess it's time I spent some time figuring out what they call the things I'm trying.

Iced coffee is great so long as you can keep them from adding too much glucose. The Asians seem to love sugar-water of any colour. Iced tea w/milk (sweetened, condensed) is also great when the tea base is strong enough to overcome the milk.

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