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Prattle: Ruminations, Essays, Reviews


Sometimes I just get too serious about things.

Ruminations: undirected prattle
Mile Zero
Feeling right at home...
Back home
Scattered thoughts in scattered places.
Life just got a whole lot more interesting.
Beyond Here There Be Dragons
Coming up for air.
Insomnia is a writer's ally.
Mount Kinabalu I
Days of brine and Islands.
Wat's up, Doc?
There's no place like. . .
Tha Tien.
The sun also rises
Hanoi Jane never stayed at The Hanoi Hilton
Turning Japanese, I really think so.
The Circle Game
Escape from NJ - Part I
The Pearl
The Gate was open, so we passed through
Losin' the sperit.
I still don't get it...
Catching up on some events.
It's not fair.
Such a fine sight to see...
The dustless air.
I need a vacation.
lost entries
Bicycle Country
How to cycle gracefully in China.
The ancient city of Pingyao--one of China's gems.
Going east to get West.
Reflections on returning to a familiar culture.
Essays: directed prattle
An Australian Juggernaut at The Commonwealth Games (Part I)
The Australian Media & Communications Scene
Anaconda II (Part I)
The Accidental Farang. (Part I of The Farang)
On the River Kwai.
The Alien Within.
Risking Dukkha.
The simplest society.
On a park bench beside the A-bomb Dome.
Are you afraid of the dark?
sample drivel part one
Vive la difference -- drivelathon part two
A Journey Within a Journey
You should get off the train here.
John, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...Oklahoma!
Going to and fro.
The Mother Road.
Image and Everything.
Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Capitalist Authoritarianism: throw out baby; keep water.
On living under pressure, under pressure.
Mogao Ku
China's archaeological plundering by the West.
Reviews & Analysis: critical prattle
FW: Since when do dirt roads have toll boths?
BIFF: 5 AUG 94
Vipassana Climber.
The One.
Death of a Culture
Dreamtime I
The Kalkadoon and the Mitakoodi
Nothing on my mind
We of the Never-Never
Feel good . . .
Fueling the Bonfire.
And the lesson today...
Cowboys and Indians.
Losin' the sperit.
Wrath of the Gods
Roger Grigsby's guidebook, China by Bike.
A one horse town -- without the horse.
Sometimes the Lonely Planet really perplexes.