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Subject: Re: TAT seeks Internet porn clean-up
Date: May 10, 1995 19:20

20:18 Saswasdee House; Bangkok-Thailand :: 8 MAY 95

Someone with free Internet access dug this information up. The jumble of characters is the result of copying the source of someone's World Wide Web page to a text file, rather than the text of that page. Peruse these at your own risk.

From: INTERNET:harrison@....
Subject: Re: TAT seeks Internet porn clean-up
Date:  April 26, 1995 03:58

Oh this one I just couldn't pass up, I quick check on the web and I
find at 
the following:

<html> <head>
<title>Prostitution in: Thailand</title>

<link rel="owner" rev="made" href="">

<h1> Thailand </h1>
<strong>General Information</strong> about country, people, geography and
climate can be gotten from the
<a href="">

CIA World Factbook entry</a>. <p>

<strong>Legal Situation:</strong> <em>Prostitution</em> is technically
illegal, but largely tolerated. There seems to be a recent crack down
on child prostitution though. A <a
href="thailand_economics.txt">report about
the econonomics and politics of child prostitution in Thailand </a> is
available online. <P>

Four very comprehensive articles about the Thai scene appeared in
<li> <a href="thailand_sex.txt">Sex in Thailand</a>
<li> <a href="Bangkok.txt">Bangkok</a>

<li> <a href="bangkok_story.txt">Bangkok Story (including
<li> <a href="bangkok_faq.txt">Bangkok Thailand FAQ</a>

Bits and pieces:
<li> Excerpts from a PhD thesis about prostitution in Thailand
(seems like
I chose the wrong field...) are <a
There's even a map of the interesting area included.
The <a href="">author's home
contains a photo of the Pussy Razor blade Show in Patpong.

<li> <a href="">Travel
report: Bangkok</a>
<li> <a href="bangkok_nana.txt">Hot tip</a>: the Nana Plaza and the
Therme Coffee Shop.
<li> <a href="bangkok_prices.txt">Price update.</a>


<p> <a href="index.html#Thailand"> (Back to the
list of countries) </a>
href="">The World Sex
Guide</a>, $Revision: 2.1 $, $Date: 1995/03/17 06:14:35 $ <br>

 © 1994,1995 by Atta and M.
<a href="">&lt;;</a>
Permission is granted to freely distribute this document in whole or in part
provided that it is not done for profit and that this notice remains
</body> </html>

Some of the text on the other links implies that the TAT is really only
interested in the PR campaign.  Sigh.


J. Harrison@....
Graduate Motto: Free-time with guilt.

Of course, Jason. :^) Notice the article in question, "TAT seeks Internet porn clean-up", in no way suggests that the TAT is intent on cleaning up the porn industry itself. This way they make airs of playing the 'good guy' (by beating up a little guy) while drawing attention to an important tourist attraction. A highly over-rated one I might add.

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