Europe :: November -- December, 1996

Subject: the ejourney begins anew...
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 06:49:52

14:33 Dell Ridge; Horsleys Green, High Wycombe -- England :: 23 DEC 96

OK. I'm finally getting back to work, er, writing. For many of you, a small update is in order. In short, I'm travelling again. Have been since November 5, 1996.

Much like last time when I spent 7 months in Australia after originally defining an itinerary calling for just 3 weeks, I find my 'short' stay in England getting extended at least through the middle of January. There've been two side-trips to the continent. One to Brussels and another to Paris. But I keep coming back to England where I've so many friends, old and new.

Today, at least, is a fine day. Clear, sunny and because of the sun it seems a bit warmer than the downright chilly I've gotten used to. For the most part the weather here's been much like I expect you folks back in Vancouver are experiencing: dreary, dark, wet, cold--miserable.

Well, there I go again, prattling on. This was intended to be a quick note, much like my intention for England. Primarily, it's a test of the distribution list, to see who's still out there and who's not, who's interested in staying on the list. In a few days I'll start delivering journal entries to all of you on this list, unless I get some reply back from you saying something like: "get me out of the path of all that useless drivel you write." No offense will be taken, and I'll remove your name poste-haste.

Until then,

Happy Holidays and Cheers galore!

Patrick. -- Responses Sought --


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