Australia :: June 1994 - March 1995

Subject: Don't these things pull into 7-11s?
Date: June 22, 1994 19:37

11:07 {what time zone is this, anyway?} :: 22 JUN 94-Malaysia Air FLT 91 Taipei->KL

With some thirty minutes to go before reaching Kuala Lumpur I'm beginning to wonder whether air travel's such a great thing. Somewhere I lost track of how many hours I've spent breathing dry, sterile air. I think my right cornea will shortly ossify and dust storms ravage my inflamed sinuses.

At least the cabin attendants, male and female, are easy on the eyes and I seem to recall them smelling rather nice. That particular sense failed shortly after departing Taipei which smelled alot like a place you'd eat cheap, greasy Chinese food. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me.

I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to least, the 7 hour layover in KL or the overnight leg to Brisbane that follows it. I would highly recommend to anyone making this type of trip, take a few days off from traveling if possible.

The electronic update on Taipei: few electrical outlets but they support North American plugs and, apparently, current. The telephones, which have the sense of newly constructed old technology, don't support data ports. I suppose I shouldn't find that surprising either.

12:30 Toowong, New South Wales :: 23 JUN 94

Just got connected at my Sister's place. I'll just send of this rather uneven bit of writing. Everyone's packing to head out for some errands and to change locations so I'm outta here.


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