Australia :: June 1994 to March 1995

This is where it all started. And it started as a two or three week excursion to Australia, to be followed by another couple or three weeks in New Zealand and, finally, capped by a couple months in SE Asia. As you can see quite easily from the timeline below, it didn't actually work out that way. Simply put: Australia fascinated me.   
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Canada, In transit to Australia :: June 94

Mile Zero
Don't these things pull into 7-11s?

Australia :: June 94

The lessons come early...

Australia :: July 94

Friday Nite Beers -- Revisited
Feeling right at home...
No place like home, except New South Wales.
The Outback Looms
FW: Since when do dirt roads have toll boths?
Waltzing Matilda
Dead skunk in the middle-a-the road.

Australia :: August 94

Engine failure on the InfoBahn
The Australian Media & Communications Scene
A day in Brisbane
Canaway Downs
An Australian Juggernaut at The Commonwealth Games (Part I)
BIFF: 5 AUG 94
The Big One II
On the road again. . .
Outfitting the multimedia guerrilla (Part I )
Death of a Culture
An Australian Juggernaut at The Commonwealth Games (Part II)

Australia :: September 94

It's a feature.
Anaconda II (Part I)
Anaconda II (Part II)
Katrin & Stan.
Gone Bush
Engine failure on the Australia Bahn

Australia :: October 94

Into the Top End
Kakadu I
Kakadu II
Dreamtime I
Dreamtime II

Australia :: November 94

Coober Pedy's dry.

Australia, In transit to USA :: November 94

Dust in the Wind

USA :: November 94

Land of the . . .
The One.

Canada :: November 94

Back home
Ants in yer . . .
The Kalkadoon and the Mitakoodi

Canada :: December 94

FW: How the Gingrinch Stole Christmas
Kakadu III
Nothing on my mind

Canada, Australia :: January 95
(No Entries -- laptop stolen in transit to Australia)

Australia :: February 95 (New laptop!)

We of the Never-Never
FW: A joke related to travel and food...
Log of the Computer Mis-Adventures
Scattered thoughts in scattered places.

Australia :: March 95

Feel good . . .

Australia, in transit to Malaysia :: March 95

Fueling the Bonfire.

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