The Nomadic Spirit Travelogue Index :: World -isms & -ogies

The world is full of points of view. Here's what I learned about some of them.

It's May, 2003 and I'm reflecting on this page and the Indigenous People's Index page and realising, for the very first time, the latent prejudice implied by separating human ways of thinking into these two categories. There's no reason the Aboriginal Dreamtime can't be listed here along with Daoism and Islam. In a sense, failing to place the links from that page here denigrates the theologies and philosophies of Indigenous cultures; it implies they are not religions or philosophies at all. It's a hangover from the days of tall ships and colonialism.

On the other hand, given my way of thinking, perhaps it's the religions and philosophies which I'm denigrating?

For the time-being, I'll maintain this separation in the hope that this message gives cause for others who also might not have recognised this unnecessary extra categorisation.


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