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These refer to lists of entries explicitly observing one aspect or another of the countries I visited.
United Kingdom


The original itinerary specified, as specifically as my itineraries ever get--which is not very--spending three weeks in Australia, another couple or three weeks in New Zealand and then finish up with three months in SE Asia. Heck, the only reason I went there originally was to attend my sister's wedding. Instead, I extended my three-month Oz visa and spent the entire four months in Australia. I left then only because of a promise to officiate as Best Man at a friend's wedding back in Michigan. A couple of months after that saw me back Down Under for another two months.

And I never did make it to Tasmania, or the Kimberleys, or the Gulf of Carpentaria, or . . .

The lessons come early...
Feeling right at home...
No place like home, except New South Wales.
The Outback Looms
FW: Since when do dirt roads have toll boths?
Waltzing Matilda
Dead skunk in the middle-a-the road.
Engine failure on the InfoBahn
The Australian Media & Communications Scene
A day in Brisbane
Canaway Downs
An Australian Juggernaut at The Commonwealth Games (Part I)
On the road again. . .
Anaconda II (Part I)
Katrin & Stan.
Gone Bush
Engine failure on the Australia Bahn
Into the Top End
Kakadu I
Dreamtime I
Coober Pedy's dry.
Dust in the Wind
Ants in yer . . .
The Kalkadoon and the Mitakoodi
We of the Never-Never

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I did spend some time at home, or just thinking about it. And even a little while cycling and driving and ferrying through it.

Mile Zero
Don't these things pull into 7-11s?
Back home
A place to hang my hat for a while
Hee Haw, Moose Jaw!
Vive la Quebec Libre!
Basking in Saint John
Escape from NJ - Part I
Haida Gwaii
Catchin' Up
On Being Supple
Queen of the North
Gwaii Hanaas
Ten Rules of the Canoe
Pretty Stone Beach
It Begins With the Art

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Six and a half months, six thousand kilometers on a bicycle. There's perhaps not a more intimate way to experience a country.

Following the Tao
Seeking Harmony in the Middle Kingdom
Harmony Found
Getting to Taian -- Part I
Flying in Formation
Wrath of the Gods
Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Arrival: Beijing.
Bicycle Country
Go fly a kite.
Back in the Saddle
Mother Nature, the flirt.
Hotel lobby encounters.
Black Mask Valley
The Wheat Was Ripe And It Was Sunday
Lost and Found
The English Teacher
The calm before
It's a fat red line on the map!
A rainy day in the life of small town China.
Abandond Ship!
Prayer Wheels
Getting to Linxia
We used to dream of living in a corridor!
Mogao Ku
Some things Tangy
Crossings -- Part I
Another one rides the bus. Part I
A little more Tang
Dirty Laundry

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Can anyone really say anything accurate about the French?

Vive la difference -- drivelathon part two

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Japan confounds all expectations, except for the expense of visiting it.

Turning Japanese, I really think so.
Sugar Queen
Ree - 'oh - can.
Meandering through Kyoto.
A White Road
Nozomi Shinkansen
On a park bench beside the A-bomb Dome.

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Malaysia was my introduction to Eastern culture, philosophy and people. Other than visiting various Chinatowns throughout the Western world, I'd never experienced anything like I was about to discover here, Marco Polo's first stop in the East.

Scattered thoughts in scattered places.
Life just got a whole lot more interesting.
Beyond Here There Be Dragons
Coming up for air.
Insomnia is a writer's ally.
Cat City . . .and beyond
Visiting a longhouse in Borneo
Bat City . . .and beyond. (Part I)
Mount Kinabalu I

Other Malaysia sites on the Web.

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The King and I.
Days of brine and Islands.
Film at Eleven
Wat's up, Doc?
There's no place like. . .
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Vipassana Climber.
TAT seeks Internet porn clean-up
Tha Tien.
The Accidental Farang. (Part I of The Farang)
Farang Redemption. (Part II of The Farang)
The Alien Within.
Baseball, hot dogs, apple Pai and Suzuki. (Epilogue to The Farang)
Buddha PARTIES!!!!
On the River Kwai.
Risking Dukkha.

United Kingdom

I didn't get any tan while standing in the English rain; but then I'm not The Walrus either...

And the lesson today...

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Great place. Wonderful people.

The sun also rises
Hanoi Jane never stayed at The Hanoi Hilton
When the lights go on in the city.
Jane and Uncle Ho.