Route 66 -- June through October, 1997

I climbed aboard Rolling Thunder and began a highways oddyssey. The journey began with the Trans-Canada highway, from Pacific to Atlantic, then trundled down the American East Coast to hook up with the beginning of Highway 61, in New Orleans. The "Blues Highway" brought me to Chicago, and the true intent of this trip: Route 66, the Mother Road.  
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Canada :: June 97

On the road again...

Canada->US :: July 97

Hee Haw, Moose Jaw!

Canada :: July 97

Vive la Quebec Libre!

Canada :: August 97

Basking in Saint John

USA :: August 97

Escape from NJ - Part I
Escape from NJ - Part II
Escape from NJ - Part III
You should get off the train here.

Route 66 - Illinois :: September 97

Get your kicks on ROUTE 66
The Pearl
Looking for pearls.
Do ya want fries with that? or, They don't serve you like this at McDonald's.
A little lucky; a little unlucky; a little better.

Route 66 - Missouri :: September 97

A little history, if you will. Part I
A little (more) history, if you will. Part II
The Gate was open, so we passed through

Route 66 - Oklahoma! :: September 97

John, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...Oklahoma!
Going to and fro.
More of that history, if you will - Part III
The last of that history wall; I bet you're pleased - Part IV
Enough history already, how 'bout some real stuff?
Buiwdings t'ow stories.
Cowboys and Indians.
Losin' the sperit.

Route 66 - Texas :: September 97

The last place in Oklahoma
The Road of Flight.
The Mother Road.
Another mother.

Route 66 - New Mexico :: September 97

The Grace of the Blue Swallow
Santa Fe
I still don't get it...

Route 66 - Arizona :: September 97

Catching up on some events.
It's not fair.
Such a fine sight to see...
The basis for an advertising campaign?
Such a fine sight to see... Part II

Route 66 - California :: October 97

This is a test...
The dustless air.
I need a vacation.
Been there; done that.
lost entries

Route 66 - END
USA :: October 97

That sinking feeling...again.
Image and Everything.