Biking the PRC

Now this was an odyssey. Six and a half months across six thousand kilometres of China by bicycle. Obstacles included 3,000 meter passes and the world's second-largest sand desert. An unparalleled look at one of the world's great enigmatic cultures.

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Canada :: March 98
Another journey begins. . .
Hong Kong :: April 98
Following the Tao
Shanghai :: April 98
Leaving Hong Kong.
Shandong Province :: April 98
Seeking harmony in the Middle Kingdom
Harmony Found
Getting to Taian -- Part I
Flying in Formation
Wheeling in the Wind
Wrath of the Gods
Getting to Taian -- Part II
Beijing :: April 98
Shanghai'd in Shanghai.
Beijing :: May 98
Arrival: Beijing.
Bicycle country.
Finding the fork.
Go fly a kite.
Hebei Province :: June 98
Back in the Saddle.
Shanxi Province :: June 98
No, no, no; a little humanity, please.
Gastronomy Domine.
Mother Nature, the flirt.
[Fwd: (forw) Time management story]
Hotel lobby encounters.
Black Mask Valley
The Wheat Was Ripe And It Was Sunday
Lost and Found
The English Teacher
Beijing->Xian :: July 98
Back on the train, gang.
Xian :: July 98
Lovely Horse
Shaanxi :: July 98
The calm before
It's a fat red line on the map!
A rainy day in the life of small town China.
Abandon Ship!
Gansu :: August 98
Prayer Wheels.
Getting to Linxia.
Getting to Xiahe.
We used to dream of livin' in a corridor!
Two small men with big hearts.
Again, the dust.
Random notes on cycling China
I am the bicycle's student.
Gansu :: September 98
Just something beautiful...
Mogao Ku
A one horse town -- without the horse.
Xinjiang :: September 98
If a camel is a horse designed by committee...?
We're doing something right.
I've been through the desert on a bike with no name
Some things Tangy
Crossings. Part I
Another one rides the bus. Part I
A little more Tang
The spark of life...
Xinjiang :: October 98
Dirty Laundry
China->Canada :: October 98
Going east to get West.