The Nomadic Spirit :: About us

If you've already read Patrick's bio, then you won't be surprised by this: The Nomadic Spirit doesn't do any one thing. A partial list of our projects and talents:


. Graphics (Politics, Spirit and, well, a mix of both: Hollywood)

I've always wanted to design t-shirts and CafePress provides the online means to do so. It started with t-shirts but I've discovered that buttons, stickers and, of all things, license plate frames, are very popular media for peace, love, spiritual inspiration and a little bit of fun.

° Peace & Love Gift Shop

Inspirational and affirmative designs centering on the theme of loving kindness. Peace, Spirit and Love. Buddha, Peace Signs, Gandhi, Daoism. Uplift in a time of upheaval.

° Filmmaker Tees

My favourite? Relax, it's only a movie!.

° Murphy was an Optimist

Murphy's law states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Seems pretty awful but, in fact, O'Toole's commentary on Murphy's law observes "Murphy was an optimist." So no matter how bad things are in Murphy's world just remember: it's actually worse. And we've got the Murphisms on Murphy was an Optimist to prove it.

° 2 Clever 4 Words

I love words. Words are cool. I like blending them, reassembling them after violent dissassembly. I like it when other people find ways to make important concepts clear using words. 2 Clever 4 Words is all about, well, words. Phrasers on Stun, quotations and Uncommon sense. Words and more words. But also Visual Puns, and thoughts that go Against the Grain



. Grey Matter Media

This online gallery displays prints, posters and other products featuring photographs from my travels through Asia, Australa and America.


. The Nomadic Spirit

This is a sprawling website consisting of approximately 2,000 distinct pages covering themes of travel, photography, history, current events, philosophy, social activism, science and more. There are travel stories, web resources and message forums. The Travelogue's pages are divided into several categories, described below.

° The Nomadic Spirit Travelogue

The Nomadic Spirit is a big comfy armchair of a travelogue, overstuffed with over hundreds of photographs appearing in over 200 electronic journal entries. These travelogues document Patrick's epic journeys through Australia, SE Asia, China, Europe and North America.

° The ejournal-list

The Nomadic Spirit began as an electronic mailing list, the ejournal-list, kept during Patrick's journeys through Australia and SE Asia. More than simply a travelogue, Patrick includes essays, prose-poetry and found texts in his unusual approach to travel writing. Subscribe now so you won't miss his next journey.

° Photography Gallery

An extensively indexed set of thumbnail galleries provides a gateway to nearly 1,400 award-winning travel photographs taken on journeys to four contenents: Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

° Traveller's Aid

A set of resources built on packing lists and traveller's tips initially posted to the ejournal-list. Backpackers, cyle tourers and armchair adventurers should all find useful tips and advice here.

° Critical History, Texts, Thinkers & Cultures

Developed as integral resources for the Nomadic Spirit travelogue, these reference pages daily attract hundreds of people seeking the annotated links and bibliographies they provide. Some popular examples include Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, the Indian Removal Act of Andrew Jackson, and Critical Texts for Critical Times.

. Blogs

I write... sometimes a lot. Here are the two blogs I most frequently write to.

° My Muse: Movies Music & Books

I've created and expressed myself in all these media, but this My Muse is about how film, music and literature inspire and influence me and my personal growth.

° God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms

My spiritual journey, in words.



. Prisoners (Theatre)

Imagine: You are an artificial being, imprisoned for being a little bit too human in ways human beings would rather forget. On your journey into the light, you learn to love the darkness.

There is a love story, an epiphany and a car chase.

So reads the promotional blurb for Prisoners, a play Patrick wrote and produced. It premiered at the 2000 Vancouver International Fringe Festival to popular and critical success. Vancouver's Georgia Straight wrote "It is a long and wordy journey...and I enjoyed the mental workout.... Prisoners is awash with big questions, about ethics, accountability, and existence."


. Film Arts

Patrick and his crew bring their keen sense of design to film, television and theatrical production in several key positions including script-writing and editing, art direction, set decoration, on-set dressing, and props.